Patient-Centered Surgical & Non-Surgical Care for Back & Neck Pain

When it comes to neck and back pain treatment, there are many factors to consider. A trusted, experienced and compassionate physician can make all the difference. Offering a wide variety of services to accurately diagnose and treat neck pain, back pain and other nerve disorders, Dr. Joseph A. Christiano Jr. at Western Neuro in Tucson, AZ provides the most advanced non-surgical and surgical treatment options available.

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“There’s a lot that goes into a patient’s pain. Everyone deserves to have their personal story heard.”

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A Comprehensive Approach to Your Care

Proper evaluation and accurate diagnosis are key components in developing a highly effective treatment plan. By taking a collaborative, hands-on approach with his patients, Dr. Christiano combines innovative diagnostic technology and progressive treatment options for his patients in a state-of-the-art facility. He utilizes the latest conservative non-surgical therapies first, and when surgery is necessary, his extensive experience and advanced techniques offer the best possible outcomes.

Get To Know Dr. Christiano

With an emphasis on personalized, patient-centered care, Dr. Christiano specializes in surgical pain management and stereotactic and functional neurosurgery. In his 13 years of experience, he’s helped thousands of people who suffer from painful disorders of the back and neck