Spinal Fusion Surgery for Back Pain Relief

Spinal fusion surgery is performed to provide relief from a painful vertebral segment by fusing together the vertebrae. This allows the two bones to heal into a single, solid unit, limiting movement of the area to prevent pain from occurring.

Dr. Christiano is specially trained to perform spinal fusion surgery using highly advanced techniques for the best outcomes.

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“There’s a lot that goes into a patient’s pain. Everyone deserves to have their personal story heard.”

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What We Treat

Spinal fusion surgery treats a wide variety of conditions, including:

Dr. Christiano is dedicated to getting you the relief you need. If spinal fusion surgery is right for you, he’ll help eliminate your pain so you can get back to the life you love.

Get To Know Dr. Christiano

With an emphasis on personalized, patient-centered care, Dr. Christiano specializes in surgical pain management and stereotactic and functional neurosurgery. In his 13 years of experience, he’s helped thousands of people who suffer from painful disorders of the back and neck